Saturday, September 29, 2007

Captain America & Deadpool Save the World

Cable & Deadpool 45: "Band of (Oh) Brothers" (Nicieza & Brown).

This book deserves a more fitting end than it's getting.

Cable & Deadpool is going to be canceled. Cable is already dead. Cable is going to get his own ongoing series. Deadpool, on the other hand, is very much alive. Deadpool will not be getting his own series.

Instead, Deadpool has to finish out the string on the current Cable & Deadpool series.

Which is a shame, because this is one of the ten best books Marvel is pumping out these days

In C&D 45, our irascible non-hero gets accidentally shot back in
time alongside Bob the Hydra agent and end up fighting alongside Captain America and Bucky in World War II in a single-issue romp that has Cap and Bucky trying to stop Arnim Zola and Wade and Bob trying to get to Zola to see if he can send them back to the present.

The gags are amusing enough, but what makes the issue is Nicieza's decision to have Bob narrate the story. Bob's moral quandry is deciding which side to be on since he finds himself dropped down in time next to Captain America, the bane of Hydra's existence. He informs us that he's an American first and a Hydra agent second, but it's not an easy choice.

Except that it is because his real choice is to run and hide, which he can't do because Deadpool wants to help - or at least tag along with Cap and Bucky in order to get to Zola. And that's what makes the book worth reading. Humor books can get old and directionless rather fast, but character bits like Bob's desire to run and hide or his pondering about whether staying in the past would be all that terrible provide a solid backbone to keep things moving.

Seems wrong that Deadpool is apparently going to be in limbowhile Cable gets yet another shot at solo-book success.


Sko! said...

what's up with AGC?

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When are we going to get some more posts???? I am dieing!!

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Sorry, sorry. I've been taking exams and working on my prospectus all-out the past month. New posts will resume shortly. didn't mean to be gone this long.

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